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Jenga Rules & Instructions

jenga gameplay example


Number of Players

  • More than one, but there is no maximum. 4 to 5 seems to be best to have a good rate of play

Supplies Needed

  • A Jenga set of wooden blocks. The official set comes with 54, but you can always add as many as you want


  • Set up the blocks in rows of three
  • Alternate their direction for each row (i.e. the first stack can be all laid vertically and the second horizontally)
  •  Make sure that the rows are aligned evenly. There shouldn’t be any pieces sticking out before the game starts
  • Once all wood pieces have been set up, the game is ready to begin!
  • Determine who goes first with a random game of chance such as rolling a die, flipping a coin, etc.


The person who knocks over the Jenga tower, loses!


Going clockwise, each player will take a turn removing a wooden piece from the Jenga tower. Here are the rules:

  • It cannot be from one of the top three rows
  • You can only use one hand to jar the piece loose
  • Once you pull a piece, you must place it back on top of the tower following the original build’s format

You continue to go in a circle until one player knocks over the tower!

Jenga Variations

  • Drunken Jenga: Each jenga piece has a rule on it, similar to “Kings”. For example, you might have to take three drinks or do a dare
  • Giant Jenga: Same as regular jenga, but the wooden pieces are very large. You usually see these sets at breweries or other outdoors spaces


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