About the Game Farm

brian oddo founder of the game farm

Meet The Founder – Brian Oddo

Hi everyone!

I started The Game Farm in 2022 with a very simple purpose – to give people the best resource to learn how to play games for their next party. The sooner everyone understands the rules, the sooner you can start having fun, making memories, and earning bragging rights.

Relearn the steps to your favorite games, discover new ideas, and hopefully avoid shouting matches between family members. I hope you enjoy!

What Do I Know About Games and Competition?

  • I’m from the Midwest – that should say enough
  • Poker player for over 15 years
  • Played D1 basketball as a walk on
  • Went to over 22 graduation parties
  • Self-elected rules official on game nights
  • Professsional organizer of beer olympics
  • Favorite Game: Beer Die
  • Game I’m Worst At: Foosball