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Soccer (Drinking Game) Rules & Instructions

soccer drinking game

Soccer Rules and Instructions


10-20 (2 teams of 5-10)

Two tables
1 cup per player plus 6 for each end of the table
1 ping-pong ball
Drink of choice

Additional Setup Notes
Tables should be set up end to end to create one long table
Each end of the table should have 3 cups arranged in a triangle
Teams stand on opposite sides of the table facing each other and evenly spaced out


The objective of soccer is to sink the three cups on the opposing team’s end of the table.


Soccer combines flip cup with beer pong in a drawn-out, low-scoring game. Teams should be spread out on either side of the table. On each team, the person farthest to the right is called the striker, and the person farthest to the left is called the keeper.

Play begins in the center of the table with one person from each team facing each other in flip cup. When one person wins, the player on their team to their right plays flip cup with the opponent across the table from them. Whenever someone wins flip cup, it moves to their right, when someone loses, the game moves to their left. Always be prepared to play because you never know when it might come back to you.

If one team is able to move flip cup down to their striker and they win against the other team’s keeper, that team earns the right to shoot. The striker takes the ping-pong ball and makes a shot on the three cups at the opposite end of the table. If they make it, the cup is removed and the game restarts at the center of the table. If they miss, the game restarts at the center of the table.


The game ends when one team sinks all of the other team’s cups.

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