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Irish Poker Rules & Instructions

irish poker

Irish Poker Rules and Instructions


Up to 13

Deck of 52 standard playing cards
Beverage of choice


The goal of Irish Poker is to correctly guess the cards in your hand.


Each player gets four cards, which they should spread out in front of them face down. One player can act as the dealer and direct the game. Starting to the dealer’s left, players will guess whether their first card (the one farthest left) is red or black, then flip it over. If their guess was correct, they can assign 2 drinks to another player (or split it however you’d like). If they are wrong, they take 2 drinks.

Once everyone has revealed their first card, you guess whether the second card is higher or lower than the first. If the guess is right/wrong, assign/take 4 drinks. If it is the same card, it is a push and the player takes 4 drinks. Aces are high.

For the third card, everyone guesses whether it will be inside or outside the first two cards. Whether they are right or wrong, they will assign or take 6 drinks. Again, aces are high and if the third card matches one of the first two, it counts as being inside.

The fourth card, everyone guesses which suit their card will be. In the final round you will either assign or take 8 drinks.


Once everyone’s cards are face up, the game is over!

Irish Poker Variations and Alternate Rules

Ride the Bus: In addition to dealing every player 4 cards, the dealer lays out 8 more cards in a 1-2-2-2-1 pattern in the center of the table. Once everyone has revealed their cards, the dealer reveals the first card. If anybody has a matching card, they assign 2 drinks. The next card is then flipped and anyone with a match takes 2 drinks. The next two cards are assign/take 4 drinks if you have a match, then assign/take 6 drinks, then assign/take 8 drinks.

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