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Cheers to the Governor Rules & Instructions

Cheers to the Governor game demonstration



  • 2+


  • A tasty beverage per person


Try to remember all the rules as you count to 21 in order to make a new rule.


Everybody who is playing should sit in a large circle. Choose someone to go first who begins the counting by saying “one.” The person to their left says “two” and the counting continues in this way around the circle. When a player reaches “twenty-one,” everyone in the circle says “Cheers to the governor!” and takes a drink from their cup. The following person (i.e. who would’ve said “twenty-two”) is the Governor. As the governor, they get to make a rule to make the counting more complex (i.e.  7 and 11 are switched in the counting sequence- “ six, eleven, eight, nine, ten, seven, twelve”). The counting begins again with the governor and the new rule in effect.

If at any point during the counting, someone messes up the sequence or breaks one of the rules a governor sets, that player takes a drink, and the person to their left restarts the counting at “one”. 

Each time a new round begins, the rules compound. For example, if in the first round, the governor enlists a rule that  7 and 11 are switched, and at the beginning of the second round the governor enlists the rule that a player must “quack” instead of saying 12, both rules are applied to the second round. These rules continue to compound each round. 

The rules made by the governor each round can be about anything (creativity is encouraged!) or they can even strike down a previous rule. As the game goes on, counting should get harder and harder!


Each round ends when you reach twenty-one and all say cheers to the governor! You can play for as long as you like, just try to keep track of all the new rules!

Cheers to the Governor Tips & Strategy

This game is a lot of fun with a medium-large group of people.  A few examples of rules include: switching numbers, switching spots, or even punishing people who happen to get a certain number.


Does everyone have to say “Cheers to the Governor”?

Do they? It’s not one of the original rules, but it can be quickly added to the game by the first Governor!


The Game Farm does not encourage or promote alcohol consumption of any kind. We do not take responsibility for any injuries, damages, or other consequences that may arise from the consumption of alcohol while playing our games.

It is the responsibility of each individual player to drink responsibly and know their limits. We recommend that players drink plenty of water and take breaks throughout the night to avoid becoming intoxicated.

If you are underage, please do not drink alcohol. Drinking alcohol underage is illegal and can have serious health consequences.

We hope you have fun playing our drinking games responsibly!

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