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Beer Die Rules & Instructions

beer die gameplay example



  • 4 (two teams of two)


  • Pair of dice
  • Table (4ft by 8ft)
  • 4 glasses or cups of equal size
  • Beer or drink of choice
  • Chairs (if playing seated)

Table Setup

  • Partners will sit or stand on the same side of the table. They will place their full glass of beer in the corner directly in front of them.

Who Rolls First?

  • To determine first throw, each team will roll one die. The highest roll will get first toss.


The object of beer die is to be the first team to reach 11 points by trying to make your die in your opponents’ cups.


Each partner from a team gets one shot per round.

They must toss the die with the following rules:

  • The toss must be underhand

  • The toss must be higher than the head of the tallest player. Don’t leave any doubt. A toss that isn’t high enough will not be counted and the team isn’t rewarded a re-throw. Height is up to the opposing team’s discretion. If it’s close, deliver a friendly warning so they can get it higher next round.

  • The toss must land at least halfway across the table. If it doesn’t, the shot is void and the tosser must take a drink.

  • If you completely miss the table and/or opponent’s cup, you must take a drink.

After tossing the die, your opponents will try to catch it with the following rules:

  • They can only use one hand
  • Either teammate can catch it
  • It cannot be caught over the surface of the table (it must be off the edges)
  • You cannot “trap” the die against any body part.
  • You can bobble the die while catching it as long as it isn’t trapped to complete the catch
  • You can’t catch it off any surfaces (ceilings, furniture, etc.)

If you fail to complete a valid catch, the throwing team is awarded points.

Beer Die Scoring

Beer die is most commonly played until 11 points and you must win by two. Here is how you earn them:

  • One point for a valid toss that hits the ground.
  • Two points if the toss hits your opponent’s cup and is not caught. If your opponents complete a legal catch after it hits a cup, zero points are awarded.
  • Three points if you sink the die in your opponent’s cup. Your opponent then must finish their beer.
  • FIFA Rule: an optional variation allows you to kick a die that has missed the table. If your teammate catches the kicked die before it touches the ground, you are awarded one point. 

Rebuttal (Optional)

Once a team reaches 11 points, the opposing team each has one throw a piece to try and match their score to continue the game.

    Drinking Rules Summary

    You must take a drink after the following:

    • You miss the table on a throw
    • You drop a die or let it hit the floor
    • You must finish your beer if your opponent makes a shot in your cup
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