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Between The Sheets Rules & Instructions

between the sheets card game


Players: 3 – 10+

Time: 5 – 10+ minutes per round

Supplies: Standard Deck of 52 Playing Cards, Tokens (chips, dollars, etc.)

Card Rank: Aces High* (A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2)

*The exception is when an Ace appears first in which the player has a choice to make it high or low. More on this below.

Dealer: Elect one dealer. The dealer will still participate during the round.


Choose an ante amount. Each player should submit the token amount to the community pot.

The player left of the dealer starts the game with their turn.

The dealer will flip over two cards face up. Then, the first player will determine whether they think the next card will be in between the first two cards flipped (the posts or sheets).

If they think the card will be tied or outside of the posts, they will pass. If they think the card will be in between, they can make a bet.

For instance, if the first two cards flipped are a 2 and a King, that would be a large spread where the player would want to bet chips as the next card is likely to land in between.

If the card is in between, the player gets to take their bet amount from the community pot. If the card is tied or outside, the player has to add their bet amount to the pot.

The Endgame

The game continues in sequential order until there are no tokens left in the pot.

If you run out of cards, simply gather them from the discard pile, shuffle, and resume gameplay.

between the sheets gameplay

The player can pass or bet up to three chips that the face-down card will be between a 10 and a 2

Additional Rules & Notes

  • Explaining Aces: if an ace is revealed as the first post, the player gets to determine whether it’s a high or low ace before seeing the second post. If an ace is revealed as the second post it is automatically a high ace.
  • Win Your Ante Back: A variation where each player needs to win their ante back before being able to bet an unlimited amount
  • Post Doubles: A variation where if the third card is equal to one of the posts ( a tie), you have to pay the pot twice the amount of your original bet
  • Consecutive posts: A variation where if the two posts have consecutive values (7 and then an 8), you owe the pot one token. This is a way to help build the pot
  • Over/Under: if the two posts are of equal value (Two Jacks), the player can do a max bet of one to guess if the third card is going to be over or under the posts.
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